Thessaloniki Train Cemetery


AWAYN IMAGE Thessaloniki Train Cemetery
AWAYN IMAGE Thessaloniki Train Cemetery
AWAYN IMAGE Thessaloniki Train Cemetery
AWAYN IMAGE Thessaloniki Train Cemetery

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Thessaloniki is the second most populated and important city in Greece after Athens. A kind of Greek Petersburg, about as much remote and also completely unlike the capital of the country. Greek trains are divided into regular ones, those that are faster (IC) and express trains (ICE). The cost of travel at the same time increases completely out of proportion to the reduction in travel time.

On the outskirts of Thessaloniki, the second major city in Greece, hundreds of wagons abandoned on railway tracks have been rusting for decades.

These rusting and wrecked wagons are completely forgotten outside Thessaloniki. The Greek Railways Organization, the country's national railway company, is leaving decommissioned trains in an ever-expanding cemetery, where there are now thousands of disused wagons. The company tried to sell them for scrap, but since the first trains brought rot here in the 80s, they still occupy a dozen old tracks in the suburbs of Nea Ionia. Any attempt to sell wagons was hindered by shadow business and scrap smuggling, typical of the region.

Meanwhile, train cars remain here and slowly corrode under the influence of weather and wind, overgrown with grass and trees. The vibe of the wagons is little sad, but like many decrepit ghost trains, they become more beautiful every year.

here is no metro in Thessaloniki, but numerous buses cope with its tasks. Almost all stops are equipped with electronic displays and it is always clear what time your number will come. Five minutes from the center and you are at the railway or bus station. All the advantages of a big city on the shores of the warm sea, but almost without the diseases inherent in the capital. 


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