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Secret gem Gljúfrafoss fall

Iceland is with conviction on almost every photographer's bucket list of places to shoot and rightly so. The beauty of landscape here is out rightly unique and proposes the kind of scenes that you simply can’t witness anywhere else on earth. Glaciers and waterfalls, black pebble beaches and jagged mountain peaks, the diversity is seemingly endless and it’s the kind of trip where you can’t fail to be inspired by the epic nature of the scenery. 

For the duration of June the golden hour, sunset, twilight and sunrise become one like merging into each other lasting for hours, and all the elements are in place for a truly unforgettable experience. Drive for about 90 minutes (125 km) west from Reykjavik end to end the Ring Road, turn north on 249 just after you cross the bridge, and voila, you’re parked next to a bunch of cars or maybe buses throw on a waterproof jacket and following the telltale sound of camera shutters towards the misty falls about 100 meters directly in front of you. 

Snide remarks notwithstanding, however, you'd be doing yourself a real disservice by opting not to check out this incredibly beautiful cascade. Hidden waterfall has incredible charm and you definitely have to see it on your way to a much more famous neighboring waterfall. Gjúfrafoss can be seen by passing the cliff and also from the top of Franskanef where you get another amazing view. Drive (or walk) another 700 meters north along 249 and you'll see a turnoff for Gljúfrafoss, or the Hidden Waterfall. Partially obscured by its own canyon, this picturesque cataract makes you work just a little to fully appreciate its beauty, which makes the experience all the more rewarding. Water intensities allowing slog your way right in the canyon for some fantastic views at the base of the falls and enjoy the relative solitude. Wading into the stream flowing gently between the cliffs is not easy. We would highly recommend wading shoes or boots to protect you from the cold water and the Rocky River bottom. You should also beware of the water moisture if you are carrying a camera. It’s wet in there.


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