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Tianzi Mountain (Zhangjiajie) Backpack

After a few mouths in china a holiday in a place like tianzi mountain feels great, the air is fresh and clean moreover you are away from the big city life. The view from all the scenic spots are truly beautiful but expect a crowd depending on when you go(weekdays or non holiday days are best fewer people)There is are free buses that run within the mountain to take you to certain parts but mostly you need to walk. TIPS 1)Ticket to the national park is around /250rbm/3 days non transferable as you need your finger print to enter the park. 2)Try to bring a packed lunch and refreshments because there isn't that many options for food ( over priced in some areas) 3)Bring as much cash as you think you will need as the ATM is a bit far from the park 4) Try to book a hotel at the top of the mountain (inside the park) 5) From tianzi mountain you can take a bus to tianmen mountain for 11rbm which takes around 2hrs the bus station is a good 20mins drive from the main park gate so you will need a car or taxi


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