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Explore Tibumana Waterfall (Bangli)

About 45 minutes away from Ubud, is Tibumana waterfall, a hidden gem and one of the most beautiful and secluded waterfalls in Bali. If you are staying in Canggu or Seminyak then it would take about an hour and 30 minutes to get to Tibumana. But why visit this hidden gem? 

You don’t need to be an experienced hiker or trekker to visit many of the waterfalls in and around Ubud. Getting to Tibumana is not as difficult as it seems to be. This is because the roads are paved, the surroundings are scenic as you drive there, and the trek through the forest to get to the waterfall is not a difficult one. You can get here by riding a scooter (there are lots of scooters or motorbikes for rent from Ubud) or if you are traveling with a big group, you can hire a van with a driver who can take you here. The drivers also tour guides, so if you want to go to another waterfall after Tibumana, the guides can take you where to go next. 

A pathway lined with rice fields and palm trees will welcome you on the way to the parking area. At the parking area, there is a temple that is also worth seeing and a few houses where the locals live. From here it is about 10 to 15-minute trek to the waterfall. There are also a lot of locals going to the temple, so if you want to visit, make sure you wear a sarong or shawl that covers your shoulders and legs. Around the area, you will also see first-hand the Balinese people tending the sprawling rice fields. 

Just like most of the waterfalls I have gone to in Bali, you must climb down the stairs—about 100 steps—through the jungle to get to Tibumana. On the way, you will see a small waterfall and lush forest vegetation that the journey makes it a really good experience to be in touch with nature. I even spotted butterflies along the way! This was the third waterfall on my itinerary that day, so I was feeling tired from all the trekking but the views here make it so easy. 

Once you reach the waterfall, the warm, clean water will welcome you. I didn’t waste time—after clicking pictures I went straight to the water for a swim. I heard that the color of the water here changes with the weather—I went at the start of the rainy season so it was a little brown and may look murky, but in the summers the water is green. This place is not brimming with tourists so you can have the waterfall to only yourself and a few people, so you will really feel one with nature.

A safety tip when swimming—do not swim under the waterfall as there are sometimes a few big rocks that fall. Other than that, the water is not so deep, and there is a perfect breeze that makes it a really nice place to freshen up after trekking. Plus, there is a local that works as a guard in the area, checking the safety of swimmers. 

After having a nice swim, get ready to climb about 100 steps back up. The store right in front of parking areas sells refreshments you can enjoy after that hike. I enjoyed a good old popsicle in a serene backdrop of rice fields. From Tibumana, you can easily hop to nearby waterfalls such as Kanto Lampo and Goa Ranging. 



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