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Tide Pools of the Essaouira beach

Accessible through Moulay Hassan Square. Very chilly starting at mid - afternoon. It is highly recommended to rent ATVs, horses or camels. The dark and rocky tide pools that frame the ancient walled city can be found over the ramparts and through a hole in a wall. While not brimming with sea-life, the pools are easily accessible and also provide an impressive view of the medieval fortifications of the old city and the Purpuraires and Mogador Islands. Make sure to check out the tide pools for bizzarre black sea cucumber-like ani

In addition, the area is full of local artists painting landscapes, vagabonds, fishermen, and stray animals. According to most natural wonders in Morocco, the presence of human life is easily discernible by the presence of several open sewage drains and heaps of sea-glass and old tile fragments. While these human additions are not objectively beautiful, they all add to the unique atmosphere.



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