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Tiger Leaping Gorge

The Jinsha River, a tributary of the legendary Yangtze River, meanders its way via terraced farmlands and imposing limestone ridges, growing one of the most lovely backdrops to be determined somewhere in China.

For years intrepid travelers have been making the voyage to the small city of Qiaotao to take phase in the captivating hike that traverses the high hills of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

It is a worthwhile trek, and something that we stoked we accomplished all through our time in China. We had heard various pointers about the trek and how many days to stretch it out over. In the give up we opted to do the trek over 3 days (well, 2.5 to be exact) and determined the way we did matters to be just about ideal for us.

Rather than write about how exquisite Tiger Leaping Gorge is and how the sights, smells, sounds and tastes are, we have put collectively this information so you can find out for yourself.The Gorge runs for about 15km in size and at his best factor has a most depth of 3790m.

The human beings that stay in the vicinity are primarily of the Naxi (or Nashi) ethnic minority group, who can solely be observed in this precise area near the base of the Himalaya.

The legend of how Tiger Leaping Gorge bought its name is illustrated and fascinating.

Apparently a hunter was chasing a tiger thru the gorge many years ago. When it reached the narrowest factor the tiger leapt throughout the Jinsha River, escaping the livid hunter. The rock where the tiger made its soar is now an iconic viewing point.

The Gorge used to be formally opened in 1993 to overseas vacationers and is now one of the most famous journey locations in Yunnan.

Getting To Tiger Leaping Gorge:

The city that serves as the starting point for the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek is Qiaotao – a dusty village with not a great deal going on for it without its proximity to the Gorge.

While some tour groups in Lijiang do provide day journeys and packaged deals, we propose simply getting to Qiaotao yourself. It is less expensive and tremendously easy.

Getting To Qiaotao From Lijiang:

Make your way to the bus station on the south side of Lijiang by means of catching the quantity 13 public bus. We advise shopping for your ticket the day earlier than to ensure you get a seat. The bus leaves at 8.30am and they charged us 24RMB per ticket.

Make certain you inform the ticket lady and the driver you are going to Qiaotao, and not Tiger Leaping Gorge, in any other case you will give up up going past the path head.

Getting To Qiaotao From Shangri La:

If you are making the mission to Tiger Leaping Gorge from Shangri La, you can jump on any long-distance bus that is going to Lijiang, Dali or Kunming. Cost need to be round 30RMB.


Visiting The Upper Gorge: If you get dropped off in the city of Qiaotao, you are proper near the starting point for the Upper Trail. When you enter town the driver will quit off at the ticket booth, the place you will be charged 65RMB for entrance to Tiger Leaping Gorge.

This is valid during the length of your remain in the area. It is possible to keep away from this charge if you arrive early in the morning or late afternoon.

Another alternative would be to get dropped off before city and then stroll around the main street. But in our opinion, the fee is very life like for what you get (especially in contrast to the rest of China’s outrageously overpriced attractions).

One factor no longer to pass over is the higher section of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Located about 4km from town along the river road, the Upper Gorge has a collection of boardwalks that lead you proper down to the mighty Jinsha River. The view you get right here is nicely well worth the extra journey.

Your ticket consists of entrance to this area, so you may additionally as properly use it. We hitchhiked from city to the Upper Gorge and back with minimal fuss. There are additionally taxis that will happily take you there. If you have a giant backpack that you don’t choose to take on the trek with you, Jane’s Guest House will happily keep it for the one-off fee of 5RMB, no rely how long for. The visitor house is about 100m past the ticket booth in the town of Qiaotao, and is a superb area to stay either before or after the trek.

For the start of the Upper Trail, continue taking walks down the hill previous Jane’s Guest House previous a giant school. A bit in addition on, you will see a avenue main uphill to your left and a signal saying, “Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking High Way Thus Into”.

Continue up that avenue (don’t turn off it) for about forty five minutes and you will see a path heading up a steep hill with some other sign. There is the begin of the Upper Trail.

How Many Days To Complete The Trek?

Some people do it in 1.5 days, others have executed it in one long day. If you are short on time, then this amount of time may be your only option.

But if you definitely desire to take your time and respect each moment of the trek, we advise doing it over 3 days – particularly if you want to take a look at out the Upper Gorge and Walnut Grove at the quit of your Tiger Leaping Gorge trek.There is additionally a decrease trail which follows the other aspect of the river. This is NOT the trek you are looking for, though the views are meant to be pretty best as well.



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