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Time Travel with Earl's Court Police Box

Outside of the Earl's Court tube station, there is a blue box that most of the people don't even notice when passing by. The unique police box was installed in 1996 by the Metropolitan Police, and it gained its popularity after Doctor Who TV Series and the TARDIS time machine. In real life, the purpose of the blue police box was not to travel in time but to serve people who need an emergency phone to call the police. When first installed, the box also had cameras to detect vandals and identify prank callers. Although the primary plan was to build these modern police boxes throughout London, the Earl's Court was the only one that ever saw the light of day. 

However, even though this type of security mechanism could've been quite successful, the blue box's phone and cameras were disconnected in 2000, and it was totally forgotten by everyone. For years it was in poor conditions and completely abandoned until the Metropolitan Police decided to refurbish it in 2005 which was the same year when Doctor Who returned to TV screens. 

Today, the blue box is an attractive tourist spot where people come and take pictures, especially Doctor Who's fans. 

If you ever come to London and you would like to visit a unique spot that will make you feel like a TV celebrity, then Earl's Court Police Box is the perfect spot to visit. 

Departures in Time are not available, so don't have high hopes on this one. 

London is one of the most interesting capitals in the world with plenty of beautiful venues to visit, and even though this police box is not the most spectacular thing you've seen, it is still a charming landmark that will put a smile on your face. Good luck!



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