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Surf Praia do Tofo Beach (Mozambique)

Tofo Beach is located in the province of Inhambane, Mozambique. It has been defined as "the next Goa," and while that may push it a little bit, Tofo has definitely become the focus of a traveler on Africa's east coast. The reasons are not difficult to discern: lovely stretches of beach, a pleasant laid-back atmosphere, a tiny but pumping nightlife, excellent snorkeling and diving, and a few excellent restaurants.

Lovely long sand beach with beautiful water and adequate surf. Just be careful to avoid the days when the blue bottle jellyfish are especially active. You should try surfing here but  remember that you could easily go for two weeks and not see a single decent swell in that time... but Tofo Beach will always have nice longboarding waves... so take a longboard, for sure! It's also very touristy.

If you need equipment to rent then get to "The Surf Shack" which is one the coolest places on Tofo Beach.Great, friendly people with a lot positive energy create very fun place.


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