Spend a day in Toro Beach


AWAYN IMAGE Spend a day in Toro Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Spend a day in Toro Beach

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The province of Bocas de1 Toro occupies the northwestern part of the Caribbean slope of Panama, adjacent to Costa Rica. Special avifaunal interest attaches to this area because here a number of wide-ranging Middle American species and strongly characterized subspecies reach their southern limit. In several instances these Central American forms meet, or almost meet, their South American geographical representatives, which have invaded the Isthmus of Panama from the opposite direction. Deforestation on the coastal plain, by facilitating range extension of clearing and “edge” birds, is increasingly promoting contacts between closely allied forms formerly separated by heavy forest. The Caribbean coastal plain in Bocas de1 Toro is narrow, being deeply indented by a large irregular embayment, the Chiriqui Lagoon, the western section of which, Almirante Bay, is almost enclosed by wooded islands.

On your visit you’ll be fascinated by following:

•There are many hotels, hostels and restaurants scattered along Red Frog Beach. Many people spend a couple of nights at a hotel on Red Frog while they are in Bocas. The waves and currents here are still pretty aggressive, like most places in Bocas, but you can swim at this beach if you are aware of your surroundings and careful. Enjoy the fabulous views of Kalapaki Beach and the mountains of Haupu while enjoying freshly prepared sushi at Kaua'i beach resort. Try some of the local favorites, like the Sashimi plate or the Crispy Anuenue Fish Roll. 

•Besides wreck diving, reef diving, and night diving, Flying Pirates also offers a night time snorkeling tour of the bioluminescent water of Bocas. The tour is $25 per person and includes a boat ride to a few different stops with bioluminescence. Sea turtles rest at the surface while in deep water or you might find them on the bottom wedged under rocks in near shore waters. Many divers are witnesses of green turtles sleeping under ledges in reefs and rocks.

•There are tropical fish here but not bigger marine life so expect to just look at amazing corals and small fish. The tours provide snorkel gear. From there, you will finally go to Zapatilla 1. They drop you off in about waist deep of water and you have to walk onto the island so keep this in mind when thinking about what you will bring onto the island. The tour usually includes 2-3 hours on Zapatilla. You can swim, lay on the beach, and walk around the entire island in this time comfortably.


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