Biking in the Trail of Souzay Champigny


AWAYN IMAGE Biking in the Trail of Souzay Champigny
AWAYN IMAGE Biking in the Trail of Souzay Champigny
AWAYN IMAGE Biking in the Trail of Souzay Champigny

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The Loire region in France is home to one of the most spectacular medieval towns in Europe. Souzay - Champigny boasts tunnels overgrown in ivy, and it is a must-see location when visiting Loire Valley. One of the best ways to explore this magical world is cycling. Well-marked cycling paths are starting before the town entrance, leading through the charming streets of Souzay-Champigny, and towards the fairytale tunnels that will make you feel like a part of a surreal dream world. While paddling through the town, you'll see a lot of charming cream-colored houses, typical for this region. 

The cream Tuffeau stone used to build the primary settlements is the same material that these mysterious tunnels were made from. The tunnels have practical use before of esthetical, and they were built to protect the houses from weather conditions. Nowadays, this extraordinary town is a place where people come to enjoy a pleasant walk or a bike a tour and take award-worthy pictures. 

The buildings in the town are known as troglodyte houses, having natural frames from the tunnels. The town has a lot of information stands where you can learn a lot about the history and the architectural designs of these houses. 

When arriving in the town, you might be confused as you find yourself in front of a troglodyte maze, but after asking a couple of locals how to move around and get to the caves, you'll enjoy your adventure. 

If you want to visit the largest series of caves, take the Rue de la Bessiere, and visit the 15th-century castle, Château de la Vignole. From there, all you need to do is follow the path until you see a sign saying "Parcours Troglodytique".  

Souzay-CHampagny is a place that you must visit, especially if you are looking for a remote romantic spot full of beautiful features.


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