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Photograph beauties of Tre Cime di Lavaredo

You've probably read all about these amazing peaks, so i can add that the path to reach the three rocks is really easy, anyone could practice this hike. So don't waste your time anymore and go see this Wonder of nature!! A number of feature films have used Tre Cime for location shooting, including "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Tales of Innocence" (1999) and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles both starring Sean Patrick Flanery.More recently, in May 2017 it was reported that the Han Solo spin-off within the Star Wars universe was filmed at Tre Cime as well. I highly remand you to avoid the crowd. I have been told that the best time to visit this area is in September & October. I would highly recommend good gear (boots, warm jacket, maybe some hiking sticks) since it might get a lill chilly, muddy and/or slippery along the way around this time of year. Also make sure to have enough to drink and eat with you since some huts might be closed, or even out of food. Driving up was $25 euros this year and the last bus leaving the mountain will be at 6pm.


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