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Cahuenga Peak Hike

This is the infamous hike known for the Wisdom Tree. Many ppl have hiked up for the opportunity to have all your dreams come true. This hike would be considered a more steep but short hike combo compared to other hikes. It's not as hard as Echo Mt hike as far as being a long hike. But this hike is definitely a steeper hike compared to Echo hike. If you have a hard time going down hills due to knee issues, please make sure to bring your hiking sticks. It's a 2 mile round trip which won't take more than 1.5 hours (includes 30 mins of resting and pictures at the top). This hike doesn't offer any shades. So make sure you go early in the morning and bring plenty of water if you plan to go on a hot day. Feel welcome to bring your dog. I have seen many dogs not on a lease on the trial. Parking is located along the street of Lake Hollywood Dr. The hiking trail starts going North on Wonder View Dr. You will walk up a steep hill along the residential area before you reach the trailhead on the right side. Packing List: Sunblock Cream Hiking Shoes Yoga Pants Snacks Water Bottles and Treatment Chill Pal Cooling Towel


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