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Trollstigen (Troll's Footpath)

Trollstigen or The Troll’s road is an extraordinary piece of work where the road snakes and climbs its way up and up along steep mountainsides. Every bend has its own name, most of them named for one of the foremen that led the construction gangs that built the road.

The bends and curves bear witness to the skill of the constructors, built upon the base rock of the steep mountainsides, or hewn by hand into the mountain itself.

There is a lovely waterfall to see on the south side of the hill. It is a big attraction, so you'll see the signs for the parking lot, walking raised path, and the building with the bathrooms, gift shop, and cafe.

Near the top is a site that used to be a restaurant until an avalanche destroyed it and the new visitors center was built. There is a huge collection of cairns. At the top of the hill is a visitor center. It is worth a stop. There is a little cafeteria-style cafe if you need a snack. There is a path out to a viewing area.

It's a lot of stairs and elevation gain going out to it, but it's worth it. There are a couple waterfalls, and you see the zig zagged path to the north side of the hill. If you drive the road, be comfortable with mountain roads. It is very narrow with few guard rails. There are frequent area with turnouts, or more commonly short widenings of the road to allow 2 cars to pass.


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