Hike to Trolltunga, Norway


AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Trolltunga, Norway
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Trolltunga, Norway
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Trolltunga, Norway
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Trolltunga, Norway
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Trolltunga, Norway

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 Trolltunga is one of the most famous hikes in Norway. It's a beautiful walk that finishes at the tongue of the Troll, a small stone-sliver ideal for imaginative shooting. So, add the middle of the hiking in Skjeggedal to your bucket list— it is certainly a ride. 

 If you want to do the hike, you should go on your own. It's easy to navigate, especially with so many other people hiking.  

You can take a transportation be transported from Skjeggedal by shuttle for the first 4 km up the 4 km road to Mågelitopp. You will have a stunning view of Folgefonna National Park from Mågelitopp before the trip continues to Tyssebotn. 

If you're not an experienced hiker, just take your time and start earlier if you're worried about darkness. The average hike time is 10 hours (as indicated by a sign at the start), but it took me under six hours.  If you are a slow walker, allow yourself 13 hours to be safe. Yes, it is a long hike if you are not in shape, but there are only a few steep places, and these spots have steps. Do not be discouraged! If you want that epic picture, just do it! With that being said, it is not an overly pretty hike. I have done numerous walks around the world, which are much more beautiful. However, the finishing line of this one stands out as one of the best!  I would recommend taking two liters of water and filling up along the way, as there is plenty of freshwater to be had from the glaciers.

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