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Auxier Ridge Trail

Fantastic hike across the ridge. Fairly easy with modest elevation gain/loss. At the end, you will find a long and steep staircase that allows you to go on to courthouse rock. We started at trail head parking and headed down the ridge trail. About a mile in we wandered off a side trail to a secluded camp site with unbelievable views. In the morning we got up to beat any crowds (the trail was pretty packed at when we started) and around 9am finished the ridge trail, went out to double arch and back, and finally went branch trail back to the car. One of the best camping experiences and amazing views, manageable trails and access to water in case campers don't pack enough. Would recommend following a side trail while on the ridge to find a one of a kind camp site like ours. Only bad experience was some weirdos hollering for an hour around 1am and sporadically throughout the rest of the night. They tested and proved the gorge does in fact echo.


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