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Longwood Gardens Trail

Longwood Gardens is a local Philadelphia area treasure. If you live within 2 hours, visit and make an evening, afternoon or day of it. Longwood Gardens is a horticultural feast for the senses. No matter which season, Longwood Gardens remains a worthwhile visit. Behind the gates all becomes quiet as you take in the splendor of the grounds, landscape and flowering tributes to beauty pure and rare. Longwood Gardens would have you believe the world is always in bloom and there is probably no greater homage to world being a beautiful place, both literally and figuratively speaking. The grounds themselves offer much, from libations and eateries, to the magical splendor of plant life and intriguing landscape. Also there is the history of Longwood, one of many DuPont historical properties in the area. Take the time to read it and understand how the grounds came to be. Longwood is an easy place to get lost in the luster of the many beautiful species of plant life, but also in conversation with your party. It is as if you have rented a space to take a little time out of life. Our party that day was a party of five, but we found ourselves lost in conversation and all the horticultural goodness Longwood has to offer. Visit and be whisked away, there is something for everyone.


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