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Winter Surfing in Unstad Beach

A south-easterly facing north-west is predominantly offshore. Strong winds and short-term swells dominate, but the diverse geography can accommodate various alternatives. The absence of daylight in winter when the greatest swell comes is an intractable problem. The flip side is almost constant light throughout the summer. Really only surfed since the 1990s as wetsuit technology evolved, there is now a flourishing little surfing community.

Unstad Surf Camp has a lot to give to surfers at any stage. Courses and camps accessible to book at all levels. Beginner / intermediate: best season April-Sept. Intermediate / advanced: best season Sept-April. Surfing on Lofoten Islands is surfing in dense wetsuites. We normally suggest 6/5/4 both summer and winter. We generally use a litle slightly thinner suites during the summer. The average water temperature is around 8-14 celsius, both summer and winter owing to the current of the gulf stream.


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