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Valle de Tena

The Valle de Tena, watered by the Rio Gallego, runs north into the mountains from the city of Sabinanigo, with the A136 avenue accomplishing the Pureto del Portalet ignore (1794m), gateway to France’s Vallee d’Ossau.

The top Valle de Tena is domestic to two ski resorts: Panticosa (small) and Formigal (large, with installations strung up the mountainsides for most of the 6km to the Portalet border). Between the two accommodations stands the pretty, and an aweful lot older, stone built village of Sallent de Gallego, a true base for hikes. From Panticosa an 8km road winds up via the Garaganta del Escalar gorge to the recently modernized Banos de Pnticosa hot springs resort.



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