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Valle dei Mulini di Gragnano

Wonderful and well-marked trail behind Amalfi's town. Lemon groves, old paper mills, a babbling stream with a few waterfalls. A nice getaway and something different from going to town or the waterfront. Hiking gear is not required although tennis shoes are definitely recommended. The hike is as long as you want to make it. We've been up for two hours and it took us less to get back. The only reason we stopped was because it closed the part of the national park. There were two officials at the entrance (just a rudimentary gate) and they didn't let anyone in. We were disappointed that there were no posts to this effect anywhere. We missed a big waterfall and obviously more hiking. There were also many side trails, but as it was our first time we stuck to the main trail. It was a great experience and definitely worth it if you're in Amalfi. 


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