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Valle Del Ambroz

This broad valley northwest of the Valle del Jaret and northeast of Plasencia is split by the Vía de la plata and the A66 motorway. It’s a friendly feel and some intriguing sights, most notably the ghost village of Granadilla, the ruined Roman town of Cáparra and spirited Hervás, with it’s beautifully preserved somebody Quarter.


Valle Del Ambroz attractions



About 25km west of Hervás, the ghost village of Granadilla could be a beguiling reminder of however Extremadura's villages should have looked before modernization. Founded by the Moors within the ninth century however abandoned within the 1960s once the close dam was built, Granadilla's ancient design has been painstakingly restored since the Eighties as a part of a government academic project. Enter through the slender Puerto de Villa, unnoticed by the durable 15th-century castle, that you'll climb for sensible panoramas.


Yacimiento Romano American state Cáparra

Unearthed in 1929, the fascinating, substantial remains of the once-splendid Roman town of Cáparra largely date to round the first century. Ab initio favored for its strategic location on the Vía American state Rio de la Plata, the town fell into decay within the fourth century and was eventually deserted. Wander the 14-hectare web site to identify its fragmented walls, gates, forum, thermal baths, and amphitheater. Most spectacular of all is that the splendidly preserved, late-1st-century Arco American state Cáparra, a four-arch granite entry.


Museo Pérez Comendador-Leroux

Within a formidable 18th-century mansion, the Museo Pérez Com­endador-Leroux homes work by Hervás-born, 20th-century sculptor Enrique Pérez Comendador and his wife, the French painter Magdalena River Leroux. Among 650 items on show are Leroux's colorful Rome-focused watercolors, and sculptures of Leroux and a series of extremeño conquistadors by Comendador and early versions of his sculpture of San Pedro de Alcántara displayed at Concatedral American state Santa María in Cáceres.


Barrio Judío

Hervás houses Extremadura's best extant barrio judío (Jewish quarter), whose slender streets extend down to the river. This neighborhood thrived till the 1492 expulsion of the Jews when most families fled to Portugal. Seek out, specially, Calles Rabilero and Sinagoga.


Museo American state la Moto Clásica

Set in distinctive conical-roofed buildings 200m north of the watercourse, this depository offers great views and an eclectic assortment of classic 20th-century European and yank motorcycles and cars. It conjointly has equid carriages and even prams, though' some pieces have been removed to a show in Merida.


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