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Swim in Valle Verzasca River

 Valle Verzasca River is  gorgeous river with crystal clear water in Ticino is a magical spot for swimming and sunbathing during the Swiss hot summer days. 

In this sunny, Italian-speaking area of Switzerland, the cold river running through Lavertezzo is perfection.

The crystal clear spring-green water, smoothly polished, sunny, shrub-like cliffs, risotto on the side of the grotto, and valley walk enhances all of your senses.  You can swim in loads of places along the river, but the most popular place is at Lavertezzo where you can easily spend hours, soaking in the sun, swimg and get some sun tan. 

There are many small natural pools secluded within the rocks, which are safe for small children. We love this place and hope you do too.

While you are enjoying the scenery you shall visit the Pinte Dei Salti Bridge as well.  This 17th century bridge overlooking the Verzasca in two stone filigree arches is without doubt the most optical highlight. But the valley has more than just an idyll to offer. Observant travelers will notice, that a few decades ago life in this valley was something but idyllic, on the carefully made mountain trail from Corippo up to Mergoscia. The untouched Alps on small terraces show the tough survival struggle which dominated the town a century ago. This part of the stage therefore deserves to be preserved as is the mountain village of Corippo and Mergoscía, which in recent years has become a destination for holiday homes. 

The best way to enjoy Valle Verzasca is to stay overnight and enjoy peace in the morning. 



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