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Stokksnes Hike

Dazzling scenery and great hiking opportunities. Just north of Holn is the mountains of Vestrahorn. The best vantage point is via a privately maintained road-at the south end of the black sand beach near the Icelandic Coast Guard radar station. There are also tidal mud flats on either side of the road--in low tide great reflections images and sea birds. The cafe at the entrance of the road is also a good place for the restroom, snacks and warm drinks. Nearby the town of Hofn is Stokksnes. You have to pay 800 isk each to get past the guy guarding the entrance and can then drive out for some great views and walks. The road leading to the location was 6 kilometers on a rocky road. A bit much for a rental but we did fine. Were there early October and had about 5-6 others cars out there with us, so not crowded.


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