Vernal Fall's Of Yosemite


AWAYN IMAGE Vernal Fall's Of Yosemite
AWAYN IMAGE Vernal Fall's Of Yosemite
AWAYN IMAGE Vernal Fall's Of Yosemite

Activities: SkateboardingSkateboarding

Amenities: Bike Parking Bike Parking


I think honestly this is my favorite waterfall hike in the valley. You can crawl out on to the rocks under the falls. It is possible to get to the top of Vernal Falls without wearing athletic or hiking shoes. A fantastic, fantastic walk. And the steps aren't that bad... You are distracted by an amazing view and there are lots of places to stop and catch your breath.  The stairs are narrow and this is a very popular trail, so be patient because you will have to wait behind he crowd as you make your way up. When you reach the top, the views will be endless! There are many spots to stop off and take pictures and plenty of flowing water all around. there are three different areas where restrooms are located (the beginning, at the halfway point near the bridge, and at the top of Vernal Falls). There's also a water fountain at the halfway mark, but it's very busy so you'll have to wait your turn.Once I made it to the top, it was like a different scene! People lounging everywhere and drying off or taking pictures right by the edge of the waterfall.  We took some pictures and then found a spot to eat our lunch. It was refreshing and breathtaking all at once.

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