Day trip to Villa Cimbrone


AWAYN IMAGE Day trip to Villa Cimbrone
AWAYN IMAGE Day trip to Villa Cimbrone
AWAYN IMAGE Day trip to Villa Cimbrone
AWAYN IMAGE Day trip to Villa Cimbrone

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Villa Cimbrone is a historic building on the southern coast of Italy, and its crowning jewel is the breathtaking views overlooking the ocean of the Amalfi coast, on its Terrace of Infinity, which boasts Roman-style statue bustles along the fence. Villa Cimbrone's gardens are also magical, and you can spend an afternoon exploring and wandering around, watching old art work and learning about an Englishman who moved to Italy after his young wife's death. 

It’s a bit of a walk to the property - but that’s Ravello! Nothing is accessible by car here - so anyone who complains or faults the hotel hasn’t done their homework. Plus, it’s a gorgeous walk through the beautiful town. If you don’t like walking, then quite frankly, traveling anywhere in the Amalfi Coast isn’t the best trip for you, so don’t complain about the villa since the staff does everything possible to make accessing them convenient for you with the luggage transport.

Once you get here, if the scenery does not move you then something is seriously wrong with you (or at least your vision, ha!) It is so breathtakingly beautiful, and having access to the gardens before and after the public is an absolute dream. In the hotel itself, there is beauty around every corner - so many beautiful works of art and little details everywhere - just gorgeous.

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