Villa Pisani Labirinto


AWAYN IMAGE Villa Pisani Labirinto
AWAYN IMAGE Villa Pisani Labirinto
AWAYN IMAGE Villa Pisani Labirinto

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Villa Pisani is a majestic complex built with classic Venetian architecture and rightly referred to as the National Museum. But, despite the buildings and garden's impressive visit, I'm left with the ambiguous feeling of what's better. Continue to show the ravages of time in some way, or restore the original splendor of the buildings. Obviously, for the former way, the Italian government chose, perhaps also caused by financial constraint, not reflected in the stiff entry fee. Here's a warning right place. On the Internet, information is going round, that on Sundays OAPs get free admission. That's not exactly true. The free wheeze is only on the month's first Sunday. Parking is free on the right side of the complex in an open car park. A short walk takes you to the counter of the ticket. There's a lot to see on the main villa's first floor. There is an elevator next to the public toilets for people who have difficulty with the stairs. I've added a few pictures of the rooms that you can admire. Napoleon Bonaparte had occupied one room for a few days. Strictly along Venetian lines are laid out the garden, the pond and the mirrored building. And a small coffee house is located at the bottom of the garden, with reasonable prices. If you're looking for coffee, don't go to the small hill "Coffee House," forcing you to climb a few steps. There's no need to have coffee. It's a tiny museum. Conclusion: It is recommended that you visit Villa Pisani in Stra. 

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