Visit and Explore the Bourtzi Castle


AWAYN IMAGE Visit and Explore the Bourtzi Castle
AWAYN IMAGE Visit and Explore the Bourtzi Castle
AWAYN IMAGE Visit and Explore the Bourtzi Castle
AWAYN IMAGE Visit and Explore the Bourtzi Castle
AWAYN IMAGE Visit and Explore the Bourtzi Castle

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Bourtzi is also known by the name of Nafplius. Tourists from different parts of the world come to cherish the beautiful places to visit here. There are many amazing places here. 

The first one is the fortress. Perched on a hill at 216 meters high, the fortress was built by the Venetians between 1711 and 1714. It is better to take the tour in the morning because of the position of the sun and of course when it is breaking. Cloudy will greatly disrupt your experience. There are two options for climbing the fort: walking or driving.

Secondly, there are various beaches present at this place which soothes the soul of every traveler that comes here. In addition to this, the beach fort pulls the attention of many tourists. Impossible not to see Bourtzi Castle from any high corner of the city. The building is right in the middle of the port of Nafplius and was developed by Venetians to protect the city from pirates and alleged sea invaders during the 15th century. To get there take a boat on the edge of town.

There is a trail that begins at the end of Náfplio's shoreline that practically skirts the entire mountainous region of the city. The path is about 3 km from start to finish. In this place you will take possibly the most amazing photos of the trip.

Moreover, there is also a war museum that is present at this place. It served as the first military school in Greece. Worth a visit to understand how the Greek wars that happened in the Peloponnese region worked.

Besides important for the history of the country, Bourtzi has a unique beauty that only knowing to understand. Place this city for sure on your next trip to Greece. 


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