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Explore the Beauties of Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura

Arroyo Verde Park near Ventura, California encompasses 132 acres of rugged land, offering both, individual and group barbeque sites and picnic areas. There are also two children playgrounds in the park, as well as restrooms, nature center, and hiking trails. Arroyo Verde is one of the best family parks to spend precious time with your loved ones, and also explore the Arroyo Verde Park hiking loop.

The round trip loop is 2.3 miles and packed with people. The trail is considered moderate, and besides the BBQ area, it is the number one activity in the park. Accessible throughout the year, this trail is also allowing dogs on a leash, which means that no one will be left home alone.

The elevation gain of the loop is 508ft and along the entire trail, you'll see wildflowers in vivid colors that will make you feel like walking in paradise.

The most recommendable time to visit Arroyo Verde Park loop trail, especially for joggers, is early in the morning while it's still cool and there are fewer people. The trail is usually dusty, so make sure you don't wear your newest footwear.

Some sections of the trail are steep and full of rocks, so make sure you pay extra attention if hiking with kids.

First-time hikers are also welcomed to this trail which will make them get addicted to this outdoor activity, and practice it regularly. From midway to the top, you can see beautiful ocean vistas and make some great shots. The overall landscape around this trail displays awe-inspiring views that you would love to come back to.

Arroyo Verde Park, its amenities, and hiking opportunities make for a perfect daily getaway for everyone who doesn't want to travel far from Ventura.

Note: Watch out for snakes, especially in the dry season!


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