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Visit Big Sable Point Lighthouse

It is a lighthouse on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan in Mason County, Michigan. This lighthouse is one of the last Great Lakes Lighthouse to get electricity and plumbing. The Big Sable Point Lighthouse provides its original keepers' quarters, which is actually attached to the tower. These quarters provide accommodation for the lighthouse's summer volunteers, a gift shop, and a video room for visitors. Several different displays highlighting the history of the lighthouse are available for guests to enjoy expecting the lighthouse to topple into Lake Michigan at any time; the Coast Guard built a new tower farther inland in 1985 as a backup. Burrowed in jack pines, just a quick, two-mile walk along a breathtaking trail, stands Big Sable’s noble black and white tower. Ships clinch the coast here at the point of lighthouse as it swings inward slightly toward Point Betsie. The given 112 foot tall marker notifies them not to approach too close. Area lumber mills created the commerce and as more ships were lost to the seas this light were built in 1867. The sand and green grass ends at the blue waters of Lake Michigan and amid the puffs of white clouds is the black and white tower of this distinctive light. As part of the State Park the lighthouse is open to visitors from May 1 to October 28. Pay just $2 and you can climb the 130 steps to a wonderful view of the shore and surrounding dunes. One might get hard time just with cameras. 

Hike to lighthouse:

Striking lighthouses just like Big Sable Point usually draw a lot of visitors during warmer weather, but temperatures hovering just above the freezing mark, light snow cover and a slightly overcast, thus far windless day still made for an easy walk along the flat trail out to the beach. Lake Michigan and snow-kissed beaches along the way as we occasionally met other hikers, people walking their dogs and one hardy guy riding his bicycle out to the lighthouse and back along the trail. You can take a lunch and enjoy it on a bench under a tree and watch freighter traffic off shore. If you need water or other beverages for your return walk there is a gift shop in the lighthouse.



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