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Visit Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov, located on a horseshoe bends in the Vltava River near the border of Austria. Cesky Krumlov is known to be the most beautiful historical towns of Europe. A day in this town is an induction in European history, architecture, and art. 


What to see? 

Krumlov Castle:

Towering over the town is the  Krumlov Castle. Construction on the castle began 700 years ago. It started as a small tower where the lord of the region controlled the river and surrounding area. As the centuries passed, it was made bigger and bigger, and more buildings and beautiful courtyards were added. Today, Krumlov Castle is one of the most popular places to visit in the Czech Republic.


Graphite mine:

One of the famous places here is known as Graphite mine. People have been excavating the Czech Republic for nearly around 4000 years. They have collected silver, gold, minerals, and precious gems. One of the things also mined here is graphite. Graphite is the stuff you find in pencils. Most people call it lead, but it’s graphite. It’s also used in electric motors and some types of batteries. The graphite inside this mine was once at the bottom of the sea and is made up of dead fish and plants that died 300 million years ago. At present, the Český Krumlov graphite mine is only used to impart people how mining works. They don’t remove graphite from it anymore.


Český Krumlov Baroque Theater.:

A meander of the Vltava, a very well preserved medieval old town and a gigantic fortress make Cesky Krumlov one of the most beautiful villages in the Czech Republic.

Cesky Krumlov is the prettiest town in the Czech Republic. A certain statement is barely visible when one looks out at the viewpoint on the ring road, next to the entrance of the old city, and sees that sea of billy roofs from which stand out steep belfries, like masts of old galleons on a swell of red tiles. Given the number of tourists that enter early in the morning towards the historical bud, the traveler also certifies that he is not the first to discover these beauties.

Cesky Krumlov, haughty on a winding meander of the Vltava River is very close to the Austrian border and two and a half hours from Prague by road. It is one of the essential visits of Bohemia. It lies under the ridge Blansky les and is crossed by the Vltava River. You will be fascinated by the beauty of Český Krumlov Castle, which is also a UNESCO monument. You can visit Český Krumlov from April to October, and we can recommend a tour of the castle. 

Apart, you can walk in the baroque gardens in the French and English garden design, a cascade fountain and a castle pond. During the summer months, weddings are organized here. These gardens have incomparable charm.

During the season, the castle and the entire city is rich in cultural, social and conference life. If you plan to visit Cesky Krumlov in another season, you will not be bored. We recommend the most interesting UNESCO protected villages and monuments - the picturesque Czech village Holašovice (24km), then Svachuv Dvur (7km), a typical Czech farmhouse with regional cuisine, a beer spa and homemade beer. Also, worth a visit are Jindřichův Hradec (84 km) of Hluboká nad Vltavou (34 km). For sports enthusiasts, Lipno Lake (40 km) will be interesting, where you can rent bicycles, roller skates or boots.



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