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Visit Hello Kitty Island

Everything on Hello Kitty Island is pink, over-the-top cute and the Korean home to the beloved Hello Kitty character. The three-story building itself is even pink!

Visitors experience a sensory overload of seeing, smelling, tasting and touching Hello Kitty—from the interactive museum, colourful shops and themed food at the café. 

Level one gives visitors the best opportunity to familiarize themselves with Hello Kitty. The History Hall gives an overview of the 40-year history in the interactive museum. Visitors can learn about Hello Kitty’s humble beginnings and see the original sketches, read the short stories of the evolution of the brand and watch a 3D film that brings Hello Kitty to life. 

Then there’s the Kitty School, which trained professionals offer drawing lessons on how to sketch Hello Kitty. There’s also an enormous Hello Kitty house next door that is filed with adorable kitten accessories—including pillows, bags and dolls, to either admire or purchase. 

On the second floor is the Hello Kitty art gallery, which features an exhibition of Hello Kitty. Linked by the Rainbow Road, visitors then reach Kitty the Hello Kitty Café that serves the most adorable and delicious cakes and drinks. Their most popular items include the Hello Kitty cheesecake and green tea latte. 

The top floor of Hello Kitty Island offers a large sky garden and rooftop , in which the Hello Kitty overload in pink cuteness continues.


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