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Visit Village of Ishak Pasha

Are you someone who always look up to going to all the beautiful places of the world? Are you tired of your hectic work life and want to spend some time in peace and harmony? Ishak Pasha is a perfect travel destination for you to choose. 

Ishak Pasha Palace is situated on a cliffs plateau internally. It was built from 1685 to 1784 and rises magnificently along the Silk Road near the Iranian border. The hotel has 366 rooms and includes a 14-room harem. Moreover, there is also a presence of a small mosque at this place. 

The construction of this palace established its roots in 1685 and the initiation was done in the Ottoman period. After the ruler passed away, further construction was handled under the supervision of his son. If you consider the statistics closely, you will see that this palace is one of the few monuments that relate to the Turkish empire and are still standing. 

There are numerous complexes and compounds of the palace. It includes, exterior facades, first second courts, mosque, the men’s quarter, the soup kitchen, and bath. In addition to them, various other places are Harem section, halls that are specially designed for ceremonies and entertainment purposes, arch gates, pantries and ammunition room. These all sections of the palace show the level and quality of organization of work that took place during that period of time. 

Tourists from all over the world are highly fascinated by the Persian, Ottoman, and Armenian style of architecture. Therefore, people come here to cherish the beautiful piece of architecture and mastery of work. This place also is of high historical value.



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