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Visit Mount Roraima ( Canaima National Park )

The trek is awesome and a great experience. The good physical challenge over the days with changeable weather adding to the spice! Regarding the operator Backpacker Tours, they did a good job and have excellent porters and guides... The food provided is good quality and knowledge and courtesy are top notches. I have given them the same feedback to them as I have written here to ensure it is an unforgettable experience. The porters only arrive in camp after you do so when cold and wet a hot drink is a long way off plus they don't have any snacks for mid-afternoon to boost energy levels so need to bring loads of your own which weren't explicit. The quality of food is amazing but would be great to get more warm drinks on the summit as drops to 5C and is wet! Also, the camp on the summit is constantly damp with a little drainage improvement could be much better. Can't compare to other operators in the area but can compare to other trekking operators like on Kilimanjaro hence noticed improvements. Given cost is c.$40 per day I can't really complain


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