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Visit one of the world most incredible market Souk

The medina is the historic part of town with beautiful high stone walls, which divides them into Quartiers. Each quartier has a mosque, a hammam (bathhouse), a communal bread oven, a madrasa (schools), and water fountains.

Souks or the traditional marketplaces are a maze of alleys and narrow streets that often divided into sections for the various trades. You'll see herbal and spice sellers, metal workers, tanners, and food markets congregated on trade-specific streets. Take a compass because it is easy to get lost.

As you walk on "biblical times" cobblestones, you compete with donkeys, camels, and other humans for space. The bazaar sells absolutely everything in small niches tucked around every corner. Skilled coppersmiths and other artisans create and sell their wares as they have for generations.

Brilliantly colored spices, turmeric, paprika, and henna, shaped into pointed cones, entice the senses — Lapis jewelry, Moorish caftans, leather goods locally tanned and colored, amazing carpets.   It's not a good idea to walk around on your own after dark in Casablanca or Tangier. Marrakesh, Rabat and Fes are safer cities, but it's best to stick to the well-lit tourist areas after dark.

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