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The history began in 1967, when Gottfried Loffelhardt and Richard Schmidt founded Phantasialand, one of Europe’s older theme parks. Very similar to many other European parks, Phantasialand started as a fairy tale park with a playground, a restaurant and two flat rides. In 1970, was the opening of Germanys first stationary darkride “1001 Nacht” (tales of 1001 nights). When it first opened, you had to pay extra for this “special” attraction, which changed over time. This attraction was production place altogether with a cafe called “Cafe Oriental”, to a subject area “Orient”. Then Taron (the roller coaster ride) starts its course by slowly snaking to the first launch and then stopped. As the soundtrack and sound effects kept playing in the background, the train is then launched towards the first upward curve. The first half is what is like a "warm-up" mode, as the train gradually races through the many S-curves, going underground and over the pathways to complete its complex layout. Despite the fact the roller coaster itself is phenomenal and definitely will bring in more interest to the park, Taron's true highlight is its layout. Among the last big project, before the millennium year arrived, was the official opening of Mystery Castle. It is 65 m high bungee drop tower from Intamin which is well known for its queue. It represents different rooms of a haunted castle and has an awesome design in general. Another amazing sight full of fantasies in Phantasialand is really a sight to behold with fantastical characters walking around in costume and a German fantasy wonderland with rides and play parks for little kids. You need at least a couple of days to cover all the ground. Food and drinks are sold at a reasonable price inside the theme park especially their hot wine drinks. Phantasialand is not just a theme park with few rides but has quite a lot to do with food, amusement and many other events as well.


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