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Walk around the Port de Cassis

Despite its small size, the island of Porquerolles offers one the highly rated restaurants in the world, a wonderfully traditional hotel, the most attractive beach,  and the cutest ( and comparably less corwded) harbor that is occupied by superyachts. Porquerolles ' real draw, which is a protected island, is the beautiful color of the water, fading from the brightest turquoise to the blue sapphire. 

This scenic island is a refreshing step back in time, where vehicles are banned. Locals are playing petanque in Place dArmes ' oleander and bougainvillea-festooned village square, while many tourists are happy to drink pastis in one of the small open-air cafés.


 While Porquerolles is only 7 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, it has a marvelously varied landscape with cliffs, creeks, plains, and forests. Activities in the open air. 

One of the best beaches of the island is Plage d'Argent, which is an incredibly beautiful beach, with the enormous amount of sandy real estate of all the beaches on Porquerolles. Given it is one of the two closest beaches to the port, and it has a restaurant on the beach, it is also the most popular. Plage d'Argent also gets a fair amount of pleasure boat traffic for the restaurant, so between skiffs from yachts and lots of people swimming, the town is obliged to cordon off the water to provide a lane for commuting in the middle of the beach.


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