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Visit the beautiful village of Pontrieux

The village of Pontrieux is a small french village located in the north-west of France, in the district of Côtes-d'Armor in the French region Bretagne.

Pontrieux is a famous village with its rich history, unique setting, and varied tourist activities. 

Pontrieux located at the bottom of the Trieux river, which made this location inhabitable since the 13th century. 

The word "Pontrieux" means bridge over the Trieux, in Breton, "Pont Trev." 

The historic center of Pontrieux centered around two squares: the Place de la Liberté to the west of the river and the Place Mme Le Trocquer to the east of the river.

The Place Mme Le Trocquer has a 15th-century old wood and timber building called the Maison de la Tour: this is known locally as the Eiffel Tower and is home to the Pontrieux Tourist Office so is an excellent place to start your visit. The timber is painted bright blue you can't miss it!

Pontrieux stretched along the banks of the River Trieux and owed its prosperity from medieval times onwards to its position at the head of the estuary.

The success of the port led to the building of many beautiful bourgeois houses here; each bourgeois house has its own Lavoir - a particular wash area on the edge of the river where the maid could do the family's washing without having to go to a communal washhouse. There are 50 of these private Lavoir along the river, each of which has been restored and beautifully planted up with attractive flower displays.

In between the houses and Lavoir(wash house), the river banks are a mass of hydrangeas and gunneras, making the river banks very attractive indeed. Pontrieux has been awarded four flowers in the 'Ville Fleurie' competition - the top award.

The best way to see the Lavoirs is on a boat trip, but if that is not possible, you can take a walk along Rue St Yves, and you see an excellent selection. Cross the river on the St Yves bridge. On the 15th August each year a very popular 'fete des lavoirs' is held.

Other highlights of Pontrieux include the Richel watermill (Moulin de Richel) and the grand 'Hotel de Keruzec,' dating from the 17th century. Be sure also to take a stroll around the historic port area.

From the Place de la Liberté, you can pass through an arch and follow a path to reach the river and a garden-park area with a different perspective on the river and boats. From the marina in Pontrieux, it is possible to sail along the river to Ile-de-Brehat as well as Jersey and Guernsey.

Among the many places and towns of interest in the region, we suggest in particular that you visit Beauport Abbey at Paimpol, about 15 kilometers to the north-east of Pontrieux and one of just 30 sites in France that officially listed as 'Grand Sites of France.'


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