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Visit The Dades Valley

The gorges du Dades offer a remarkable view of nature blended in with houses matching the red earth. Going from an oasis to oasis within Tinerhir and Ouarzazate, the path runs through magnificent untamed and isolated landscapes. 

The journey to the Valley of the Dades starts at the fertile oasis of Skoura, which is covered by beautiful palm groves. What seems to be a rugged landscape at first,  becomes more gentle the farther you drive.  

In this valley, charming villages and fortified buildings are exceptionally decorated, you'll encounter a surprising amount of flowers, such as roses cultivated against the verges. They are of the kind "Baldi," a pretty strong smelling rose. From the leaves, rosewater is produced in a factory in El Kalat M'gouna, where there is a rose festival in April. 

The oasis of Skoura has a few clay buildings, set against the beautiful backdrop of the High Atlas. Above Skoura, on the left side of the road, stands the 17th century Kasbah Ben Morro which is now restored into a hotel. 

Another impressive kasbah is Kasbah Amerhidil, which was owned by the Glaoui family. From this kasbah, there is a magnificent view of the river. Further to the east lies Ait Abou, which is constructed in 1968. The building consists of six floors and 25 m high walls.

The old Berber adage of 'water is life' rings real as the rivers lying at the bottom of the gorge is crowded by different types of vegetation, similar to how the shopkeepers surround you when you visit the market square in Marrakech.

The roads along the gorge is a great place to live out your rally dreams as well. You can organize a self-driven buggy or 4x4 to cross the gorge; the last 70kms or so is all off-road with varying types of track, from loose gravel, dirt, sand, and rock. Also, be wary of melting snow to set up mud traps if winter season. If you are seeking adventure and something different from the usual touristy crap, this route of the dades from Boulemane to Imichil is a must-see, and I highly recommend it.



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