AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Holbox Island
AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Holbox Island
AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Holbox Island
AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Holbox Island
AWAYN IMAGE Visit the Holbox Island

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Holbox Island is a remote paradise island in Mexico, perfect for people who are looking for crystal blue waters and peaceful sandy beaches. While everybody you know spends their vacations in overcrowded Cancun, be creative and look further than the touristic guides. 

Holbox Island is part of Quintana Roo state, and it has tiny dimensions, 0.9 miles wide and 25 miles long. In the shallow waters that fill in the gap between the island and the mainland, you can spot colonies of flamingos and pelicans in their natural habitat. Apart from these two, Holbox is hosting many exotic bird species that you can observe for hours.

In Yucatec Maya language, Holbox means black hole, which doesn't quite match the scenic landscape of the island. Fortunately, this paradise is still not on the map of loud tourist excursions, so if planning on visiting, you will enjoy the peace of the secluded beaches. 

The local people originate from the ancient Mayan civilization mixed with 18th-century pirate fugitives who inhabited the island. The main industry on the island is fishing, and the local cuisine is well-known for lobster specialties. 

Adventure-lovers will have a chance to swim alongside whale-shark, largest fish on planet, measuring 40 feet.

Cars on the island are forbidden, which confirms the fact that this is one of the purest and most tranquil spots in Mexico. To get there, you can take a ferry Chiquila, or fly-in directly from Playa del Carmen or Cancun.

Chilling in an over-water hammock while observing pink flamingos and sipping your favorite drink sounds like a dream vacation, right? 

If you are in a mood to visit this magnificent gift from Nature, make sure you do it as soon as possible before chain resorts settle on the powdery-white beaches. Start booking a flight and good luck! 


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