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Visit the Little Havana, Miami

Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami. It has a vibrant Cuban culture, and it is home to thousands of Cuban Americans with a one of a kind atmosphere.

The unique district has Latin restaurants, art galleries, and special events. You may see locals playing a game of dominos in Maximo Gomez domino park. Cool down by drinking a batido (smoothie) made from fresh fruit such as the Mamet, a red fruit native to Cuba. Socialize by sipping on a cortado in the afternoon, or visit Cuban cigar shops. Cruise Calle Ocho (eighth street) and see many unique cultural stores and eateries.

Every last Friday of the month, Little Havana hosts “Viernes Culturales” or cultural Friday’s. It is a monthly gallery night that showcases the cultural arts scene of the neighborhood. Nearly 4,000 visitors attend the event set up on Calle Ocho from 13th to 17th Avenue.

The Cuba Ocho performing arts center is a haven for local artists. Roberto Ramos opened it, and it is one of the largest collections of privately owned Cuban art and rum in the world. Los Pinareños Fruteria is the oldest open-air fruit market in Miami. It’s a juice market and a fresh fruit stand, run as a family business for nearly 50 years. Guillermina Hernandez and her husband opened it in 1963. They were immigrants from Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Jose Martinez Park has free yoga on Tuesdays. The park has a pool, recreation center, athletic fields, and a fitness track. Visitors can take an Art Deco and Little Havana tour, which is a guided walking tour of the city. It is an excellent choice for small groups. They can take in all of the colors, sights, and sounds that are as lively as they were in the ‘70s.


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