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Visit the real Dolceacqua, Bridge

The Dolceacqua Bridge is one of the most popular landmarks in Italy. This small town located in the province of Imperia is right next to the French border. 

The name Dolceacqua comes from Latin Dulcius. It was the name of the hamlet during the Roman occupation. For the most of century this town remaind unknow to many untill in 1884 Claude Monet painted The Castle of Dolceacqua. An oil painting of Ponte Vecchio and the Castello Dei Doria Jewel of lightness. 

Ponte Vecchio or the Old Bridge is most unique, and the infamous portion of Dolceacqua. This bridge was built during the 15th century to connect the historic portion of the hamlet with the newer part situated on the opposite side of the river.

If you have a fascination of medieval history and Monet eye ... you must stop here. Be sure to cross over the bridge for ideal photo opportunities or get mid-stream as Claude did.


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