Visit Wat Sri Chum temple


AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple
AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple
AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple
AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple

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Wat Si Chum is a temple in which Phra Atchana lies in the primary room, a giant Buddha image at the subduing approach of Mara. This picture of Bhuddha is regarded as a' talking Bhuddha.' It was assumed that the shrine was constructed in the period of King Ramkamhaeng the Great and then deserted in the early Ayutthaya period.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej ordered the palace to be refurbished in 1952. Si Chum Temple or Wat Si Chum offers in the primary room a Bhuddha picture that is distinct from ordinary shrines in a chapel that have the primary picture of Bhuddha. Even through faded murals in the primary room, you can experience the beauty and power from its greatest days.

The shrine is situated on Thipawan Road 198, a few hundred meters north of Highway 1 (Phaholyothin Road), just south of Lampang city centre. Private cab is the most pleasant route to get there; most Chiang Mai or Lampang restaurants can organize one. Alternatively, to get there, charter a songthaew.

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