Visit Wat Sri Chum temple


AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple
AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple
AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple
AWAYN IMAGE Visit Wat Sri Chum temple

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Wat Si Chum is one of the largest and most mysterious temples in Sukhothai.

Wat Si Chum is located in the northern part of the monuments at Sukhothai Historical Park, close to Wat Phra Phai Luang. It is about 2 kilometers by bicycle from the 'center' of the park.

The main structure at Wat Si Chum is the Mandapa with a large sitting Buddha Statue with the posture of Subduing Mara inside. The Buddha Statue is known as Phra Ajana

The architecture of the mandapa is intriguing. When approaching when can slowly discern the Buddha Image through the narrow entrance.

Phra Ajana is 15.63 meters high and more than 11 meters wide across the knees.

When entering the mandapa you will see a narrow stairway on the left, which leads to the top of the mandapa. 

The shrine is situated on Thipawan Road 198, a few hundred meters north of Highway 1 (Phaholyothin Road), just south of Lampang city center. Private cab is the most pleasant route to get there; most Chiang Mai or Lampang restaurants can organize one. Alternatively, to get there, charter a songthaew. If you visit Wat Si Chum, you definitively have to come in the morning. Otherwise, the glare of the sun above the Buddha Image will prevent you from taking nice pictures.

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