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Volo dell'Angelo

Imagine soaring at 100 km / h, 400 meters (1,300) above the valley and twisting mountain roads below, your heart racing due to a combination of adrenaline, fear and awe... That's it! Instead of walking or driving along the hairpin streets that wind between the settlements, locals and tourists alike have a more straightforward option to get around. 

 Above the Lucanian Dolomites, in the heart of Basilicata, a steel cable suspended between the tops of two small towns, Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano, two charming rural towns, crown opposite peaks in the Basilicata mountains of Italy. 

 Arriving in one of the two beautiful town, you will have the opportunity to walk between the houses and the rocks, a fascinating excursion historical and natural. You will taste the typical food and gastronomy and enjoy the beautiful panorama from a point of view, what you will see is usually a privilege only for winged creatures: birds and angels.

 At the end of the first steps, you will be arriving in the other town, the "angels" will be back down to earth and, freed from the harness, will reach the center. 

 The ticket includes round-trip flight on two different lines whose slopes are respectively 118 and 130 meters. The first, known as "San Martino" line, starts from Pietrapertosa (altitude 1020 mt) and arrives in Castelmezzano (arrival altitude 859 m) after covering 1415 meters with the top speed of 110 km / h.

 The "Peschiera" line starts from Castelmezzano (altitude 1019 meters) and arrives in Pietrapertosa (arrival altitude 888 mt), covering 1452 meters with the top speed of 120 km / h.


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