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Walk along Capitainerie du Port de l'Arsenal de la Bastille

Port de l'Arsenal is stationed in Paris Port de l'Arsenal Bassin de l'Arsenal After the extensive damage during the French Revolution, the Bassin de l'Arsenal was dug to replace the canal that had been in place to draw water from the Seine to fill the ditch at the Bastille fortress.

During the nineteenth century and most of the twentieth, the Bassin de l'Arsenal was a commercial port where goods were loaded and unloaded. Later it was an important commercial port and in 1983 it was converted into a recreational sport. Now, it is a very nice area for taking a break from the city’s bustle and noise, while enjoying a walk along the bank and relaxing in a very nice park located on its eastern side.

You can buy tickets for a 2.5hr cruise along the Canal Saint-Martin which departs at 2:30 pm. The highlight of the trip is right at the very start when you head into a 2km long tunnel directly under Place de la Bastille.


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