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Walk and shop around Rue Mouffetard Market

Every day farmers and producers from the agricultural areas around the city of Paris would come to Rue Mouffetard Market to sell fresh produces.

This 'fine, narrow crowded market street', as Hemingway defined it in 'A Moveable Feast', showcases some of Paris's most vibrant and bustling stalls of fruit and vegetables sitting along the charming old french buildings making it one of the city’s liveliest street markets.

Completely closed on Sunday afternoon and on the whole of Monday the market does operate all other days, however, it is most interesting by far to visit when it is open on Saturday and Sunday morning when the local population visit to the shop. Near the bottom of the hill, away from the Contrescarpe, you find poulet, lines for great baked goods (including beignets), outstanding cheese and affordable wine within 200 feet. 

Consider visiting the market to purchase some groceries or to find yourself a cute restaurant or cafe for lunch or dinner.


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