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Walk around Chicago Lurie Garden

Take a peek into what modern wildlife and habitat preservation looks like and how it works by paying a visit to the gorgeous Chicago Lurie Garden at the Millenium Park. it is the ideal modicum and model of what a modern horticulture should look like, keeping in accordance with the urban environment. Opened in 2004 by Piet Oudolf and Robert Israel, the garden is essentially a snowglobe of nature and wildlife, depicting Chicago’s past, present, and future as well as encompassing all four seasons in its grasp. It has been named after the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Foundation after they made the incredibly generous donation of $10 million as an endowment gift towards the garden.


The Lurie Garden demonstrates the best and most responsible manner in which to maintain the upkeep of an urban garden or horticulture center using modern architecture, cutting-edge design, and innovative gardening practices that help maintain a consistent standard across the board.


The garden spans across a 3.5 acre land that holds an unbelievable variety of plants, animals, as well as insects, all organisms living together in balance and harmony with the help of the practices executed by the handlers of the Lurie Garden. The garden is enclosed or shouldered from both sides by hedges that stretch up to 15 feet in length, a literal representation of the City of Big Shoulders as Chicago has been called. The garden is, subsequently, divided into light and dark parts with the help of a hardwood footbridge that stretches diagonally over a shallow body of water.


The ecology of the Lurie Garden enables it to create all four seasons within its bounds, featuring birds and butterflies in summer and fall, whereas a sheen of snow and ice over ornamental grass gives the impression of winter.



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