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Walk around the Bà Nà Hills resort - Đường lên tiên cảnh

Da Nang is a beautiful city in the central region of Vietnam. This city is as busy as the capital Hanoi or Saigon and is one of the central cities of Vietnam. This place is known to tourists as the city is the most liveable, the city of the bridge, the city of the cafe, the city of the record ... What is still hesitant that you Do you not come to Danang to explore the beauty of this sea city? And if you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, please remember to visit one of the most hot tourist attractions of this city is Ba Na Hills. We can say that this is one of the stops that certain visitors should not miss.

Referring to Da Nang, perhaps many tourists will think of Ba Na Hills. This is not only the most popular tourist area of ​​Danang but it is also one of the most famous tourist destinations of Central Vietnam. Zone tourist Ba Na Hills hides many interesting things, awaits visitors to explore. Many visitors came to Danang and have the opportunity to find this resort has commented on the way to Ba Na Hills as the road to the scene. Ba Na has many beautiful scenery, many interesting amusement parks and many unique architectural works. If you take the tour Da Nang , Vietnam Fun sure you will have enough time to explore this majestic, modern tourist. The "promising" resort will bring the most enjoyable experience for visitors. What has made the "attraction" of Ba Na Hills so tourists? The visitors to follow Viet Vui to feel the beauty of Ba Na Hills and refer to places that make up the attraction of this resort.

Na Hills has brought natural beauty from the "gift" of nature, as well as modern, unique from the works of international stature built by man. It is also thanks to Ba Na Hills that Da Nang tourism more unique and attractive. When traveling to Ba Na, visitors will feel like they are in the place where the first scene.

Travel Ba Na Hills Da Nang , tourists will take the cable car, the type of unique move that only to Ba Na new visitors feel the great of this tourist. Ba Na cable has brought its proud records such as the cable car with the difference between the station and the railway to the highest in the world, the world's heaviest cable weight cable, the longest cable car world ... When visiting Ba Na, visitors do not forget to buy cable tickets to enjoy the most relaxing moments. From above, visitors can collect the whole city of Da Nang in sight and see how majestic this place.


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