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Walk around the Windmills of Lasithi Plateau

Are you someone who loves to enjoy beautiful views of nature and surroundings present around? Then this place is definitely for you to visit. Tourists from various parts of the world come to visit this place. 

The location of this place is in eastern Crete, Greece. The altitude that is of this place is about 800 meters above the sea level. One interesting thing to know about this place is about its water level. The level of water here is so shallow that even burying the dead is not possible in ground. Therefore, due to such a fertile land, people are always attracted to this place in order to cultivate and prosperous their livelihood in early times. 

As you move to this place and take a look, you can see vast areas of land beautifully cultivated and a lot of windmills. There is a rich variety of crops that are grown here. Since the early ages, this place has been continuously inhabited by people and various tribes. The windmills came particularly into existence in the 20th century. Moreover, the main purpose of these windmills was to provide irrigation to the crops by taking up water from the ground level and sprinkling it all around the crops. Therefore, after the setup of these windmills were done, the crops began to grow properly. 

In present scenario, they also play a role as a major tourist attraction from all over the globe. People from nook and corners of the world come to see this beautiful scenario and cherish some moments of happiness. Today, there is a bit lack of windmills in this place as compared to the earlier times, but the place still looks adorable. 



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