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Walk down the Parc del Poblenou

Parc del Poblenou is one of five large, green spaces, along with Parc del Port Olímpic, Parc de la Nova Icària, Parc de Les Cascades and Parc de Carles I, that were developed at the start of the 1990s. on Poblenou’s old industrial land.

Parc del Poblenou rests at the edge of Vila Olímpica is a large pine forest. The first segment, next to the C/ Salvador Espriu entrance, shortly follows the final part of Parc de la Nova Icària, clearly identifiable by one of its wooden bridges.

The park is segregated from the traffic by a flowing access path with a very long row of white poplars and numerous, tightly packed and curiously sculpted rectangular hedges. In the area throughout the outer paths of the park, white poplar trees are standing next to hedges. The park also has several eucalyptuses trees, while the pathways lying on the other side of the park, parallel to the main path, are full of aromatic species, such as thyme, rosemary and large scrubs consisting of French lavender and baby sage.

The park has a series of playful structures and features, like the brushed steel balls dotted throughout which look like UFO droppings and the spiral path that takes you down to a crater-like sandpit.

When the weather is good people look for a place in the shade, or the sun for sunbathing, where they can lie down and enjoy the scent of the pine trees and the sea. 

It is a very sunny place, covered with sparse vegetation capable of resisting the salinity of the sea nearby, and by far the most natural and wildest.

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