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A day out in Mayfield Lavender Farm

Mayfield lavender farm is situated at Barnstead in Surrey and about 15 miles from control London. If you want to enjoy the Provence as bees buzz during the warm summer, then the place should be Mayfield lavender.

While in the field, you will get to enjoy how to grow lavender. You will also work through the garden and enjoy the breathtaking experience of a beautiful farm. You will know the beauty and the serenity of working the lavender farm with exception variety of the lavender culinary and crafting of oil production.

While at Mayfield, you will also get to enjoy a relaxed stroll while harvesting your bouquet. You get a chance of capturing the flowers, butterflies and enjoy the Applegate scenery with your camera. You can make the picnic fantastic by coming with friends or family. You can enjoy a learn together at the winey or the local deli on the way.

The lavender fields are full of bloom. You get to catch a glimpse of the blossoming lilac delights all through the country. You can roll the lavenders in the area of survey towards River Hampshire. Here you can see plenty of spaces as you enjoy the smell and the stunning sights

The lavender filed is an incredible place that you should give a visit. No matter the time of the year. You will still enjoy your stay on the farm. Therefore, you need to make a trip to this beautiful place in France whenever your earthly desires.

If you have not visited the place, this is the time you should plane and visit. The experience will give memories that you will live to remember. Don’t miss to have a glimpse of what it is to be at Mayfield lavender field. Plan now and enjoy the experience with your friends and family.


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