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Walk in Parc de Belleville

If you want a place for the kids to have fun while you take in a majestic view of the Paris, Parc de Belleville is worth a  journey.

Parc de Belleville was built in the same late-20th-century during the same period where Parc André Citroën was established.  Both Parc de Belleville and  Parc André Citroën are a break from the classic French garden design.

Located the highest park above sea level Parc de Belleville takes advantage of its panoramic views of Paris. This place also offers the longest waterfall/cascade as well as the longest children's slide in Paris.

Once you get to the top hills you can easily spot Eiffel Tower and Tour Montparnasse, as well as the dome of Napoleon's Tomb and the Ferris wheel on Place de la Concorde. 

At Belleville the pathways are tiered down the hill, curved and running parallel to each other, connected by a central staircase. Surrounded by small independent coffee shops and there's a Great biological store for picnic foods within easy walking distance.


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